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I'm betting that you've heard of Darien Fawkes. The ex-con, with the Quicksilver gland in his head that gives him the power of invisibility. Well....I bet you haven't heard of me. My name is Amanda Fawkes. I'm the cousin of Darien Fawkes. I've  unfortunately have recently become very involved in the QuickSilver project. And when I say involved, I mean about as involved as you can get.

I am the latest addition to the QuickSilver project, because I am the next lab rat. The Agency was working with the data they could salvage from Kevin Fawkes (Darien's brother and my other cousin) work, as well as some of the original research that my father, Darien and Kevin's uncle, did. Then I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

I was in a situation much like Darien, only I was completely and totally innocent of the crime they say I committed. I was framed, but Unfortunately my record didn't speak very well for me, so it was pretty much game over. I gave it one last shot and called Darien for help. Unfortunately I never ended up talking to him about it, and next thing I knew I had my very own gland.

So now I work at the Agency with Darien and Hobbes. I've even gotten my very own keeper, to my disappointment. (Claire was bad enough, but this guy would give her a run for her money). So this is my life, and now you can learn about it by clicking on the Archive link at the left. Hope you enjoy it, (so far I haven't).

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First off, there are going to be some 'Timeline' discrepancies with the show and the Fiction's when it comes to Darien's family, but that is mostly because I wrote the first fics Pre- Father Figure, which while a good episode, screwed up some facts.

Other Note:
Of course, this site is in a constant state of construction, so if you see something 'wrong' you can email me if you think I haven't noticed, and I'm always trying to update and fix errors.

And yet another note:
The pictures for Amanda and Richie are some I had on my computer and looked about right.
Remember, it's just approximations, not the exact look.


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