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Family Ties - Darien's Family is just drawn to Agency work
Mistrust - Just because Amanda is working at the Agency doesn't mean she has to trust them
A letter - Amanda lets Kevin know how she feels
My Keeper - Claire is Darien's keeper. Who's Amanda's?
Uncertainty - Just because Amanda is an agent now doesn't meant she'll be good at the job
The Perfect Birthday - Not every birthday is what we want, but we don't always know what we want
Buried Secrets - Some Secrets just won't stay secret
Sibling Stories - Every brother or sister has a story about their sibling, and it ussualy isn't a good one
One Way or Another - Eventually you have to decied who your real friends are
Children Protecting a Child - Sometimes the older 'children' have to learn to act their age and face facts
The Other Side - There are two sides to every situation

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